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Mirei Yamagata  山縣美礼

1979年香港生まれ。ダンサー・声優。舞台女優としてアメリカ・ミネアポリスでMixed Blood Theater, Mu Performing Arts, Pillsbury House Theaterで活動後、帰国。大駱駝艦・岩下徹から舞踏と即興を学び、その後大野一雄フェスティバル、STSPOT、こまばアゴラ劇場、Zawirowania Dance Festival (ワルシャワ)、アジア舞台芸術祭(台北)、Hooyong Performing Arts Center (韓国)で振付作品を上演。また、Baby Q、李清私照人劇団の作品にも出演。声優としてNHK番組の英語ナレーターとして活動中。



MIREI YAMAGATA is a ballet and butoh trained choreographer, dancer, voice actor, and actress. She was born in Hong Kong in 1979 and grew up in the U.S, Germany, and Japan (total 16 years overseas). After graduating from Macalester College with a B.A. in International Studies(Environemental Policy focus)/German/Philosophy, she worked as an actress in Minneapolis until 2003 with Mixed Blood Theater, Mu Performing Arts, and Pillsbury House Theater. After returning to Japan, she studied Butoh extensively with Dairakudakan and Tohru Iwashita. In 2007 she danced a solo piece in the Kazuo Ohno Dance Festival at BankArt1929, curated by Off Nibroll. The same year, she performed her duet "Konatakanata" in the Komaba Agora Theater Summer Summit. In 2009 she collaborated with STSPOT (Yokohama) and presented her solo piece "Wasurebana". In 2010, she performed "55 Minutes of Improvisation - My Body and I", followed by "What Lies Beneath" (artist residency with NPO RAFT). In October 2010 she was invited as a resident artist at Hooyong Performing Arts Centre in Korea, and created/performed a new solo "Shreds and Traces", which was a piece that treated civilian emotions during WW2. In November she participated in the Asian Performing Arts Festival (Tokyo) as a dancer in "Harmony", choreographed by Kwon Young Shim, a Korean traditional dance choreographer. In 2011 she performed her solo "Forgotten Flowers"at the Zawirowania Dance Festival in Warsaw, Poland. In October 2011 she performed her solo "Shreds and Traces" at the Asian Performing Arts Festival in Taiwan, as well as in the theater piece "Ciao Qi Chao" for the Theater Company of Lee Qing Zhao the Private, directed by Liang-Yen Liu. She has also taught butoh in Minneapolis and Taiwan in workshops. She is constantly searching for the balance "to move", learned from Western technique, and "to be moved ", learned from Butoh. She is also a voice actor and dialect coach for Japanese TV dramas and movies.


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